Pot gear

Pot gear means a portable structure designed and constructed to capture and retain fish alive in the water. This gear type includes longline pot and pot-and-line gear. Each groundfish pot must comply with the following:
(i) Biodegradable panel. Each pot used to fish for groundfish must be equipped with a biodegradable panel at least 18 inches (45.72 cm) in length that is parallel to, and within 6 inches (15.24 cm) of, the bottom of the pot, and that is sewn up with untreated cotton thread of no larger size than No. 30.
(ii) Tunnel opening. Each pot used to fish for groundfish must be equipped with rigid tunnel openings that are no wider than 9 inches (22.86 cm) and no higher than 9 inches (22.86 cm), or soft tunnel openings with dimensions that are no wider than 9 inches (22.86 cm).
(iii) Halibut retention exception. If required to retain halibut when harvesting halibut from any IFQ regulatory area in the BSAI, vessel operators are exempt from requirements to comply with a tunnel opening for pots when fishing for IFQ or CDQ halibut or IFQ or CDQ sablefish in accordance with ยง 679.42(m).
(16) Pot-and-line gear means a stationary, buoyed line with a single pot attached, or the taking of fish by means of such a device.
(17) Power troll gear means one or more lines, with hooks or lures attached, drawn through the water behind a moving vessel, and originating from a power gurdy or power-driven spool fastened to the vessel, the extension or retraction of which is directly to the gurdy or spool.
(18) Trawl gear means a cone or funnel-shaped net that is towed through the water by one or more vessels. For purposes of this part, this definition includes, but is not limited to, beam trawls (trawl with a fixed net opening utilizing a wood or metal beam), otter trawls (trawl with a net opening controlled by devices commonly called otter doors), and pair trawls (trawl dragged between two vessels) and is further described as pelagic or nonpelagic trawl.
(19) Troll gear means one or more lines with hooks or lures attached drawn through the water behind a moving vessel. This gear type includes hand troll and power troll gear and dinglebar gear.
(20) Snap gear means a type of hook-and-line gear where the hook and gangion are attached to the groundline using a mechanical fastener or snap.


50 CFR § 679.2

Scoping language

In addition to the definitions in the Magnuson-Stevens Act and in part 600 of this chapter, the terms used in this part have the following meanings:

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