(i) Dispositions. If a loss corporation is owned, in whole or in part, by a public group (or groups), the rules of paragraphs (j)(2)(iii)(B) and (iv) of this section shall apply to any transaction in which a first tier entity or an individual that owns a direct ownership interest in the loss corporation of five percent or more transfers a direct ownership interest in the loss corporation to public shareholders. Therefore, each direct public group that exists immediately after such a disposition shall be segregated so that the ownership interests of each public group that existed immediately before the transaction are treated separately from the public group that acquires stock of the loss corporation as a result of the disposition by the individual or first tier entity. The principles of this paragraph (j)(3)(i) shall also apply to transactions in which an ownership interest in a higher tier entity that owns five percent or more of the loss corporation (determined without regard to the application of paragraph (h)(2)(i)(A) of this section) or a first tier entity is transferred to a public owner or 5-percent owner who is not a 5-percent shareholder.


26 CFR § 1.382-2T

Scoping language

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