QIO review system

QIO review system means the QIO and those organizations and individuals who either assist the QIO or are directly responsible for providing medical care or for making determinations with respect to the medical necessity, appropriate level and quality of health care services that may be reimbursed under the Act. The system includes -
(1) The QIO and its officers, members and employees;
(2) QIO subcontractors;
(3) Health care institutions and practitioners whose services are reviewed;
(4) QIO reviewers and supporting staff;
(5) Data support organizations; and
(6) CMS.


42 CFR § 480.101

Scoping language

Scope. This subpart sets forth the policies and procedures governing -
(1) Disclosure of information collected, acquired or generated by a Utilization and Quality Control Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) (or the review component of a QIO subcontractor) in performance of its responsibilities under the Act and these regulations; and
(2) Acquisition and maintenance of information by a QIO to comply with its responsibilities under the Act.

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