Controlled substance

Controlled substance means any substance listed in appendix A or appendix B to this subpart, whether existing alone or in a mixture, but excluding any such substance or mixture that is in a manufactured product other than a container used for the transportation or storage of the substance or mixture. Thus, any amount of a listed substance in appendix A or appendix B to this subpart that is not part of a use system containing the substance is a controlled substance. If a listed substance or mixture must first be transferred from a bulk container to another container, vessel, or piece of equipment in order to realize its intended use, the listed substance or mixture is a controlled substance. The inadvertent or coincidental creation of insignificant quantities of a listed substance in appendix A or appendix B to this subpart; during a chemical manufacturing process, resulting from unreacted feedstock, from the listed substance's use as a process agent present as a trace quantity in the chemical substance being manufactured, or as an unintended byproduct of research and development applications, is not deemed a controlled substance. Controlled substances are divided into two classes, Class I in appendix A to this subpart, and Class II listed in appendix B to this subpart. Class I substances are further divided into eight groups, Group I, Group II, Group III, Group IV, Group V, Group VI, Group VII, and Group VIII, as set forth in appendix A to this subpart.


40 CFR § 82.3

Scoping language

As used in this subpart, the term:

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