Underwater cultural resource

Underwater cultural resource means:
(1) Any sunken watercraft, including a ship, boat, canoe, skiff, raft, or barge; the rigging, gear, fittings, trappings, and equipment of any sunken watercraft; the personal property of the officers, crew, and passengers of any sunken watercraft; and the cargo of any sunken watercraft, that sank prior to the effective date of Sanctuary designation; and
(2) Any of the above that sinks on or after the date of Sanctuary designation determined to be an underwater cultural resource by the Director pursuant to ยง 922.198. Underwater cultural resource also means any historical remnant of docks or piers or associated material, or materials resulting from activities of historic and prehistoric Native Americans.
(b) Other terms appearing in the regulations are defined at 15 CFR part 922 subpart A, and/or in the National Marine Sanctuaries Act, as amended, 16 U.S.C. 1431 et seq.


15 CFR § 922.191

Scoping language

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