Supplemental health services

Supplemental health services means health services which are not included as primary health services and which are:
(1) Inpatient and outpatient hospital services;
(2) Home health services;
(3) Extended care facility services;
(4) Rehabilitative services (including physical and occupational therapy) and long-term physical medicine;
(5) Mental health services, including services of psychiatrists, psychologists, and other appropriate mental health professionals;
(6) Dental services other than those provided as primary health services;
(7) Vision services, including routine eye and vision examinations and provision of eyeglasses, as appropriate and feasible;
(8) Allied health services;
(9) Pharmaceutical services, including the provision of prescription drugs;
(10) Therapeutic radiologic services;
(11) Ambulatory surgical services;
(12) Public health services (including nutrition education and social services);
(13) Health education services; and
(14) Services including the services of outreach workers, which promote and facilitate optimal use of primary health services and services referred to in the preceding subparagraphs of this paragraph and, if a substantial number of individuals in the population served by the center are of limited English-speaking ability, the services of outreach workers and other personnel fluent in the language or languages spoken by such individuals.


42 CFR § 56.102

Scoping language

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