Freezer means a cabinet, used with one or more doors, that has a source of refrigeration that requires single-phase, alternating current electric energy input only and is capable of maintaining compartment temperatures of 0 F (17.8 C) or below as determined according to the provisions in 429.14(2) of this chapter. It does not include any refrigerated cabinet that consists solely of an automatic ice maker and an ice storage bin arranged so that operation of the automatic icemaker fills the bin to its capacity. However, the term does not include:
(1) Any product that does not include a compressor and condenser unit as an integral part of the cabinet assembly; or
(2) Any miscellaneous refrigeration product that must comply with an applicable miscellaneous refrigeration product energy conservation standard.


10 CFR § 430.2

Scoping language

For purposes of this part, words shall be defined as provided for in section 321 of the Act and as follows -

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