Solvent blends.

(5) Solvent blends. Solvent blends may be listed as single components for some materials in data provided by manufacturers or suppliers. Solvent blends may contain organic HAP which must be counted toward the total organic HAP mass fraction of the materials. When test data and manufacturer's data for solvent blends are not available, you may use the default values for the mass fraction of organic HAP in those solvent blends listed in Table 6 or 7 to this subpart. If you use the tables, you must use the values in Table 6 to this subpart for all solvent blends that match Table 6 entries, and you may only use Table 7 to this subpart if the solvent blends in the materials you use do not match any of the solvent blends in Table 6 and you only know whether the blend is aliphatic or aromatic. However, if the results of a Method 311 (40 CFR part 63, appendix A) test indicate higher values than those listed on Table 6 or 7 to this subpart, the Method 311 results will take precedence.


40 CFR § 63.3521

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