Reports. A Federal savings association must file the following information with the OCC within 30 days after the savings association completes the sale of covered securities includable as tier 2 capital. If the savings association filed its application following the completion of the sale, it must submit this information with its application:
(1) A written report indicating the number of purchasers, the total dollar amount of securities sold, the net proceeds received by the savings association from the issuance, and the amount of covered securities, net of all expenses, to be included as tier 2 capital;
(2) Three copies of an executed form of the securities and a copy of any related documents governing the issuance or administration of the securities; and
(3) A certification by the appropriate executive officer indicating that the savings association complied with all applicable laws and regulations in connection with the offering, issuance, and sale of the securities.


12 CFR § 5.56

Scoping language

Scope and definitions.
(1) A Federal savings association must comply with this section in order to include subordinated debt securities or mandatorily redeemable preferred stock (“covered securities”) in tier 2 capital under 12 CFR 3.20(d) and to prepay covered securities included in tier 2 capital. A savings association that does not include covered securities in tier 2 capital is not required to comply with this section. Covered securities not included in tier 2 capital are subject to the requirements of § 163.80 of this chapter.
(2) For purposes of this section, mandatorily redeemable preferred stock means mandatorily redeemable preferred stock that was issued before July 23, 1985 or issued pursuant to regulations and memoranda of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board and approved in writing by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation for inclusion as regulatory capital before or after issuance.

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