(2) Generation means gross generation of electricity at a hydroelectric project, including generation needed for station use or the equivalent for direct drive units, measured in kilowatt-hours. It does not include energy used for or derived from pumping in a pumped storage facility.


18 CFR § 11.10

Scoping language

Headwater benefits charges.
(1) The Commission will assess or approve charges under this subpart for direct benefits derived from headwater projects constructed by the United States, a licensee, or a pre-1920 permittee. Charges under this subpart will amount to an equitable part of the annual costs of interest, maintenance, and depreciation expenses of such headwater projects and the costs to the Commission of determining headwater benefits charges. Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, the owner of any non-Federal downstream project that receives headwater benefits must pay charges determined under this subpart.
(2) Headwater benefits are the additional electric generation at a downstream project that results from regulation of the flow of the river by the headwater, or upstream, project, usually by increasing or decreasing the release of water from a storage reservoir.

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