support services

(2)The Secretary may provide support services to the corporation without charge while the corporation conducts its support activities at the Academy. In this paragraph, the term “support services” includes utilities, office furnishings and equipment, communications services, records staging and archiving, audio and video support, and security systems in conjunction with the leasing or licensing of property. Any such support services may only be provided without any liability of the United States to the corporation. (g)The Secretary of the Air Force may enter into contracts and cooperative agreements with the corporation for the purpose of supporting the athletic programs of the Academy. Notwithstandingsection 2304(k) of this title, the Secretary may enter such contracts or cooperative agreements on a sole source basis pursuant tosection 2304(c)(5) of this title. Notwithstandinga cooperative agreement under this section may be used to acquire property, services, or travel for the direct benefit or use of the athletic programs of the Academy. (h)


10 USC § 9362(f)(2)

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