authorized Fisher House residents

(4) The term “authorized Fisher House residents” means the following: (A) With respect to a Fisher House described in paragraph (1) that is located in proximity to a health care facility of the Army, the Air Force, or the Navy, the following persons: (i) Patients of that health care facility. (ii) Members of the families of such patients. (iii) Other persons providing the equivalent of familial support for such patients. (B) With respect to the Fisher House described in paragraph (2), the following persons: (i) The primary next of kin of a member of the armed forces who dies while located or serving overseas. (ii) Other family members of the deceased member who are eligible for transportation under section 453(f) of title 37 . (iii) An escort of a family member described in clause (i) or (ii).


10 USC § 2493(a)(4)

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