qualified guarantee

(2) Qualified guarantee .— The term “qualified guarantee”, with respect to a major project, means a guarantee that— (A) is made by one or more persons in connection with a donation, specifically for the project, of a total amount in cash or securities that, as determined by the Secretary of the Navy, is sufficient to defray a substantial portion of the total cost of the project; (B) is made to facilitate or expedite the completion of the project in reasonable anticipation that other donors will contribute sufficient funds or other resources in amounts sufficient to pay for completion of the project; (C) is set forth as a written agreement that provides for the donor to furnish in cash or securities, in addition to the donor’s other gift or gifts for the project, any additional amount that may become necessary for paying the cost of completing the project by reason of a failure to obtain from other donors or sources funds or other resources in amounts sufficient to pay the cost of completing the project; and (D) is accompanied by— (i) an irrevocable and unconditional standby letter of credit for the benefit of the Naval Academy that is in the amount of the guarantee and is issued by a major United States commercial bank; or (ii) a qualified account control agreement.


10 USC § 8475(e)(2)

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