community infrastructure

(4) (A) The term “community infrastructure” means a project or facility described in subparagraph (B) that— (i) is located off of a military installation or on property under the jurisdiction of a Secretary of a military department that is subject to a real estate agreement (including a lease or easement); and (ii) is— (I) owned by a State or local government; or (II) a not-for-profit, member-owned utility service. (B) A project or facility described in this subparagraph is any of the following: (i) Any transportation project. (ii) A school, hospital, police, fire, emergency response, or other community support facility. (iii) A water, waste-water, telecommunications, electric, gas, or other utility infrastructure project. (C) For the purposes of determining whether proposed community infrastructure will enhance quality of life, the Secretary of Defense shall consider the impact of the community infrastructure on alleviating installation commuter workforce issues and the benefit of schools or other local infrastructure located off of a military installation that will support members of the armed forces and their dependents residing in the community.


10 USC § 2391(e)(4)

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