qualified account control agreement

(3) Qualified account control agreement .— The term “qualified account control agreement”, with respect to a guarantee of a donor, means an agreement among the donor, the Secretary of the Army, and a major United States investment management firm that— (A) ensures the availability of sufficient funds or other financial resources to pay the amount guaranteed during the period of the guarantee; (B) provides for the perfection of a security interest in the assets of the account for the United States for the benefit of the Academy with the highest priority available for liens and security interests under applicable law; (C) requires the donor to maintain in an account with the investment management firm assets having a total value that is not less than 130 percent of the amount guaranteed; and (D) requires the investment management firm, at any time that the value of the account is less than the value required to be maintained under subparagraph (C), to liquidate any noncash assets in the account and reinvest the proceeds in Treasury bills issued under section 3104 of title 31 .


10 USC § 7457(e)(3)

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