Global Defense Posture Report

(4) (A) In implementing the requirement in paragraph (1), the Secretary, with the advice of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, shall each year produce, and submit to the congressional defense committees, a report (to be known as the “Global Defense Posture Report”) that shall include the following: (i) A description of major changes to United States forces, capabilities, and equipment assigned and allocated outside the United States, focused on significant alterations, additions, or reductions to such global defense posture that are required to execute the strategy and plans of the Department. (ii) A description of the supporting network of infrastructure, facilities, pre-positioned stocks, and war reserve materiel required for execution of major contingency plans of the Department. (iii) A list of all enduring locations, including main operating bases, forward operating sites, and cooperative security locations. (iv) A description of the status of treaty, access, cost-sharing, and status-protection agreements with foreign nations. (v) A summary of the priority posture initiatives for each region by the commanders of the combatant commands. (vi) For each military department, a summary of the implications for overseas posture of any force structure changes. (vii) A description of the costs incurred outside the United States during the preceding fiscal year in connection with operating, maintaining, and supporting United States forces outside the United States for each military department, broken out by country, and whether for operation and maintenance, infrastructure, or transportation. (viii) A description of the amount of direct support for the stationing of United States forces provided by each host nation during the preceding fiscal year. (B) The report required by this paragraph shall be submitted to the congressional defense committees as required by subparagraph (A) by not later than April 30 each year. (C) In this paragraph, the term “United States”, when used in a geographic sense, includes the territories and possessions of the United States.


10 USC § 113(g)(4)

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