corrective and preventive maintenance or repair

(2) (A) Notwithstanding paragraph (1) and subject to subparagraph (B), in the case of a naval vessel classified as a Littoral Combat Ship and operating on deployment, corrective and preventive maintenance or repair (whether intermediate or depot level) and facilities maintenance may be performed on the vessel— (i) in a foreign shipyard; (ii) at a facility outside of a foreign shipyard; or (iii) at any other facility convenient to the vessel. (B) (i) Corrective and preventive maintenance or repair may be performed on a vessel as described in subparagraph (A) if the work is performed by United States Government personnel or United States contractor personnel. (ii) Facilities maintenance may be performed by a foreign contractor on a vessel as described in subparagraph (A) only as approved by the Secretary of the Navy. (C) In this paragraph: (i) The term “corrective and preventive maintenance or repair” means— (I) maintenance or repair actions performed as a result of a failure in order to return or restore equipment to acceptable performance levels; and (II) scheduled maintenance or repair actions to prevent or discover functional failures. (ii) The term “facilities maintenance” means—. (I) the effort required to provide housekeeping services throughout the ship; (II) the effort required to perform coating maintenance and repair to exterior and interior surfaces due to normal environmental conditions; and (III) the effort required to clean mechanical spaces, mission zones, and topside spaces.


10 USC § 8680(a)(2)

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