military banking contract

(2) (A) The Secretary of Defense may provide in a military banking contract that the provisions of paragraphs (1)(M) and (1)(N) shall not apply to costs incurred under the contract by the contractor for payment of mandated foreign national severance pay. The Secretary may include such a provision in a military banking contract only if the Secretary determines, with respect to that contract, that the contractor has taken (or has established plans to take) appropriate actions within the contractor’s control to minimize the amount and number of incidents of the payment of severance pay by the contractor to employees under the contract who are foreign nationals. (B) In subparagraph (A): (i) The term “military banking contract” means a contract between the Secretary and a financial institution under which the financial institution operates a military banking facility outside the United States for use by members of the armed forces stationed or deployed outside the United States and other authorized personnel. (ii) The term “mandated foreign national severance pay” means severance pay paid by a contractor to a foreign national employee the payment of which by the contractor is required in order to comply with a law that is generally applicable to a significant number of businesses in the country in which the foreign national receiving the payment performed services under the contract. (C) Subparagraph (A) does not apply to a contract with a financial institution that is owned or controlled by citizens or nationals of a foreign country, as determined by the Secretary of Defense. Such a determination shall be made in accordance with the criteria set out in paragraph (1) of section 4(g) of the Buy American Act (as added by section 7002(2) of the Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act of 1988) and the policy guidance referred to in paragraph (2)(A) of that section.


10 USC § 2324(e)(2)

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