selection board

(2) Selection board .— (A) The term “selection board” means a selection board convened under section 573(c) , 580 , 580a , 581 , 611(b) , 637 , 638 , 638a , 14101(b) , 14701 , 14704 , 14507 , or 20403 of this title , and any other board convened by the Secretary of a military department under any authority to recommend persons for appointment, enlistment, reenlistment, assignment, promotion, or retention in the armed forces or for separation, retirement, or transfer to inactive status in a reserve component, or the Space Force, for the purpose of reducing the number of persons serving in the armed forces. (B) Such term does not include any of the following: (i) A promotion board convened under section 573(a) , 611(a) , 14101(a) , or 20211 of this title . (ii) A special board. (iii) A special selection board convened under section 628 of this title . (iv) A board for the correction of military records convened under section 1552 of this title .


10 USC § 1558(b)(2)

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