customer property

(4) “customer property” means cash, security, or other property, and proceeds of such cash, security, or property, received, acquired, or held by or for the account of the debtor, from or for the securities account of a customer— (A) including— (i) property that was unlawfully converted from and that is the lawful property of the estate; (ii) a security held as property of the debtor to the extent such security is necessary to meet a net equity claim of a customer based on a security of the same class and series of an issuer; (iii) resources provided through the use or realization of a customer’s debit cash balance or a debit item includible in the Formula for Determination of Reserve Requirement for Brokers and Dealers as promulgated by the Commission under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934; and (iv) other property of the debtor that any applicable law, rule, or regulation requires to be set aside or held for the benefit of a customer, unless including such property as customer property would not significantly increase customer property; but (B) not including— (i) a customer name security delivered to or reclaimed by a customer under section 751 of this title ; or (ii) property to the extent that a customer does not have a claim against the debtor based on such property;


11 USC § 741(4)

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