(2) “customer” includes— (A) entity with whom a person deals as principal or agent and that has a claim against such person on account of a security received, acquired, or held by such person in the ordinary course of such person’s business as a stockbroker, from or for the securities account or accounts of such entity— (i) for safekeeping; (ii) with a view to sale; (iii) to cover a consummated sale; (iv) pursuant to a purchase; (v) as collateral under a security agreement; or (vi) for the purpose of effecting registration of transfer; and (B) entity that has a claim against a person arising out of— (i) a sale or conversion of a security received, acquired, or held as specified in subparagraph (A) of this paragraph; or (ii) a deposit of cash, a security, or other property with such person for the purpose of purchasing or selling a security;


11 USC § 741(2)

Scoping language

None identified. Default scope is assumed to be the entire title.
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