off-balance-sheet activities

(3) Off-balance-sheet activities defined For purposes of this subsection, the term “off-balance-sheet activities” means an existing liability of a company that is not currently a balance sheet liability, but may become one upon the happening of some future event, including the following transactions, to the extent that they may create a liability: (A) Direct credit substitutes in which a bank substitutes its own credit for a third party, including standby letters of credit. (B) Irrevocable letters of credit that guarantee repayment of commercial paper or tax-exempt securities. (C) Risk participations in bankers’ acceptances. (D) Sale and repurchase agreements. (E) Asset sales with recourse against the seller. (F) Interest rate swaps. (G) Credit swaps. (H) Commodities contracts. (I) Forward contracts. (J) Securities contracts. (K) Such other activities or transactions as the Board of Governors may, by rule, define.


12 USC § 5365(k)(3)

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For purposes of this subsection
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