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(10) Notice and comment requirements.— (A) In general .— Before any meeting of the Board for final consideration of a long-term transaction the value of which exceeds $100,000,000, and concurrent with any statement required to be submitted under section 635(b)(3) of this title with respect to the transaction, the Bank shall provide a notice and comment period. (B) Financial threshold determinations .— For purposes of determining whether the value of a proposed transaction exceeds the financial threshold set forth in subparagraph (A), the Bank shall aggregate the dollar amount of the proposed transaction and the dollar amounts of all long-term loans and guarantees, approved by the Bank in the preceding 12-month period, that involved the same foreign entity and substantially the same product to be produced. (C) Specific requirements.— (i) In general .— The Bank shall— (I) publish in the Federal Register a notice of the application proposing the transaction; (II) provide a period of not less than 25 days for the submission to the Bank of comments on the application; and (III) notify the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs of the Senate, and the Committee on Financial Services of the House of Representatives of the application, and seek comments on the application from the Department of Commerce and the Office of Management and Budget. (ii) Content of notice .— The notice published under clause (i)(I) with respect to an application for a loan or financial guarantee shall include appropriate information about— (I) a brief non-proprietary description of the purposes of the transaction and the anticipated use of any item being exported, including, to the extent the Bank is reasonably aware, whether the item may be used to produce exports or provide services in competition with the exportation of goods or the provision of services by a United States industry; (II) the identities of the obligor, principal supplier, and guarantor; and (III) a description, such as type or model number, of any item with respect to which Bank financing is being sought, but only to the extent the description does not disclose any information that is confidential or proprietary business information, that would violate the Trade Secrets Act, or that would jeopardize jobs in the United States by supplying information which competitors could use to compete with companies in the United States. (D) Procedure regarding materially changed applications.— (i) In general .— If a material change is made to an application to which this paragraph applies, after a notice with respect to the application is published under subparagraph (C)(i)(I), the Bank shall publish in the Federal Register a revised notice of the application and provide for an additional comment period as provided in subparagraph (C)(i)(II). (ii) Material change defined .— In clause (i), the term “material change”, with respect to an application for a loan or guarantee, includes an increase of at least 25 percent in the amount of a loan or guarantee requested in the application. (E) Requirement to address views of commenters .— Before taking final action on an application to which this paragraph applies, the staff of the Bank shall provide in writing to the Board of Directors the views of any person who submitted comments on the application pursuant to this paragraph. (F) Publication of conclusions .— Within 30 days after a final decision of the Board of Directors with respect to an application to which this paragraph applies, the Bank shall provide to a commenter on the application or the decision who makes a request therefor, a non-confidential summary of the facts found and conclusions reached in any detailed analysis or similar study with respect to the loan or guarantee that is the subject of the application, that was submitted to the Board of Directors. Such summary should be sent within 30 days of the receipt of the written request or date of the final decision of the Board of Directors, whichever is later. (G) Rule of interpretation .— The obligations imposed by this paragraph shall not be interpreted to create, modify, or preclude any legal right of action.


12 USC § 635a(c)(10)

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