mortgage insurance premium

Interest reduction payments with respect to a project shall only be made during such time as the project is operated as a rental housing proj­ect and is subject to a mortgage which meets the requirements of, and is insured under, subsection (j) of this section: Provided, That the Secretary is authorized to continue making such interest reduction payments where the mortgage has been assigned to the Secretary: Provided further, That interest reduction payments may be made with respect to a mortgage or part thereof on a rental or cooperative housing project owned by a private nonprofit corporation or other private nonprofit entity, a limited dividend corporation or other limited dividend entity, public entity, or a cooperative housing corporation, which is financed under a State or local program providing assistance through loans, loan insurance, or tax abatements, and which may involve either new or existing construction and which is approved for receiving the benefits of this section. The term “mortgage insurance premium”, when used in this section in relation to a project financed by a loan under a State or local program, means such fees and charges, approved by the Secretary, as are payable by the mortgagor to the State or local agency mortgagee to meet reserve requirements and administrative expenses of such agency.


12 USC § 1715z-1(b)

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