implementation expenses

(10) Implementation expenses (A) In general Reasonable implementation expenses of the Corporation incurred after July 21, 2010 , shall be treated as expenses of the Council. (B) Requests for reimbursement The Corporation shall periodically submit a request for reimbursement for implementation expenses to the Chairperson of the Council, who shall arrange for prompt reimbursement to the Corporation of reasonable implementation expenses. (C) Definition As used in this paragraph, the term “implementation expenses”— (i) means costs incurred by the Corporation beginning on July 21, 2010 , as part of its efforts to implement this subchapter that do not relate to a particular covered financial company; and (ii) includes the costs incurred in connection with the development of policies, procedures, rules, and regulations and other planning activities of the Corporation consistent with carrying out this subchapter.


12 USC § 5390(n)(10)

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