(4) In the reports of condition required to be made by paragraph (3) of this subsection, each insured depository institution shall report the total amount of the liability of the depository institution for deposits in the main office and in any branch located in any State of the United States, the District of Columbia, any Territory of the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, or the Virgin Islands, according to the definition of the term “deposit” in and pursuant to subsection (l) of section 1813 of this title without any deduction for indebtedness of depositors or creditors or any deduction for cash items in the process of collection drawn on others than the reporting depository institution: Provided, That the depository institution in reporting such deposits may (i) subtract from the deposit balance due to any depository institution the deposit balance due from the same depository institution (other than trust funds deposited by either depository institution) and any cash items in the process of collection due from or due to such depository institutions shall be included in determining such net balance, except that balances of time deposits of any depository institution and any balances standing to the credit of private depository institutions, of depository institutions in foreign countries, of foreign branches of other American depository institutions, and of American branches of foreign banks shall be reported gross without any such subtraction, and (ii) exclude any deposits received in any office of the depository institution for deposit in any other office of the depository institution: And provided further, That outstanding drafts (including advices and authorizations to charge depository institution’s balance in another depository institution) drawn in the regular course of business by the reporting depository institution on depository institutions need not be reported as deposit liabilities. The amount of trust funds held in the depository institution’s own trust department, which the reporting depository institution keeps segregated and apart from its general assets and does not use in the conduct of its business, shall not be included in the total deposits in such reports, but shall be separately stated in such reports. Deposits which are accumulated for the payment of personal loans and are assigned or pledged to assure payment of loans at maturity shall not be included in the total deposits in such reports, but shall be deducted from the loans for which such deposits are assigned or pledged to assure repayment.


12 USC § 1817(a)(4)

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