undercapitalized depository institution

(D)The term “undercapitalized depository institution” means any depository institution which— (i)is undercapitalized, as defined in; or (ii)has a composite CAMEL rating of 5 under the Uniform Financial Institutions Rating System (or an equivalent rating by any such agency under a comparable rating system) as of the most recent examination of such institution. (E)A depository institution is “viable” if the Board or the appropriate Federal banking agency determines, giving due regard to the economic conditions and circumstances in the market in which the institution operates, that the institution— (i)is not critically undercapitalized; (ii)is not expected to become critically undercapitalized; and (iii)is not expected to be placed in conservatorship or receivership.


12 USC § 347b(b)(5)(D)

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