final determination

(7) Definitions For purpose of this section, the following definitions shall apply: (A) Host State, home State, out-of-State bank The terms “host State”, “home State”, and “out-of-State bank” have the same meanings as in section 1831u(g) of this title . (B) State supervisory fees The term “State supervisory fees” means assessments, examination fees, branch fees, license fees, and all other fees that are levied or charged by a State bank supervisor directly upon an insured State bank or upon branches of an insured State bank. (C) Troubled condition Solely for purposes of paragraph (2)(B), an insured State bank has been determined to be in “troubled condition” if the bank— (i) has a composite rating, as determined in its most recent report of examination, of 4 or 5 under the Uniform Financial Institutions Ratings System; (ii) is subject to a proceeding initiated by the Corporation for termination or suspension of deposit insurance; or (iii) is subject to a proceeding initiated by the State bank supervisor of the bank’s home State to vacate, revoke, or terminate the charter of the bank, or to liquidate the bank, or to appoint a receiver for the bank. (D) Final determination For purposes of paragraph (2)(B), the term “final determination” means the transmittal of a report of examination to the bank or transmittal of official notice of proceedings to the bank.


12 USC § 1820(h)(7)

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