service-enriched housing

(2) the term “service-enriched housing” means housing that— (A) makes available through licensed or certified third party service providers supportive services to assist the residents in carrying out activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, eating, getting in and out of bed or chairs, walking, going outdoors, using the toilet, laundry, home management, preparing meals, shopping for personal items, obtaining and taking medication, managing money, using the telephone, or performing light or heavy housework, and which may make available to residents home health care services, such as nursing and therapy; (B) includes the position of service coordinator, which may be funded as an operating expense of the property; (C) provides separate dwelling units for residents, each of which contains a full kitchen and bathroom and which includes common rooms and other facilities appropriate for the provision of supportive services to the residents of the housing; and (D) provides residents with control over health care and supportive services decisions, including the right to accept, decline, or choose such services, and to have the choice of provider; and


12 USC § 1701q-2(g)(2)

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