electronic conduit services

(11) Electronic conduit services The term “electronic conduit services”— (A) means the provision, by a person, of electronic data transmission, routing, intermediate or transient storage, or connections to a telecommunications system or network; and (B) does not include a person that provides electronic conduit services if, when providing such services, the person— (i) selects or modifies the content of the electronic data; (ii) transmits, routes, stores, or provides connections for electronic data, including financial data, in a manner that such financial data is differentiated from other types of data of the same form that such person transmits, routes, or stores, or with respect to which, provides connections; or (iii) is a payee, payor, correspondent, or similar party to a payment transaction with a consumer.


12 USC § 5481(11)

Scoping language

None identified, default scope is assumed to be the parent (subchapter V) of this section.
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