entity-affiliated party

(11)The term “entity-affiliated party” means— (A)any director, officer, employee, or controlling stockholder of, or agent for, a regulated entity; (B)any shareholder, affiliate, consultant, or joint venture partner of a regulated entity, and any other person, as determined by the Director (by regulation or on a case-by-case basis) that participates in the conduct of the affairs of a regulated entity, provided that a member of a Federal Home Loan Bank shall not be deemed to have participated in the affairs of that Bank solely by virtue of being a shareholder of, and obtaining advances from, that Bank; (C)any independent contractor for a regulated entity (including any attorney, appraiser, or accountant), if— (i)the independent contractor knowingly or recklessly participates in— (I)any violation of any law or regulation; (II)any breach of fiduciary duty; or (III)any unsafe or unsound practice; and (ii)such violation, breach, or practice caused, or is likely to cause, more than a minimal financial loss to, or a significant adverse effect on, the regulated entity; (D)any not-for-profit corporation that receives its principal funding, on an ongoing basis, from any regulated entity; and (E)the Office of Finance.


12 USC § 4502(11)

Scoping language

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