records of a covered financial company

(16) Accounting and recordkeeping requirements (A) In general The Corporation as receiver for a covered financial company shall, consistent with the accounting and reporting practices and procedures established by the Corporation, maintain a full accounting of each receivership or other disposition of any covered financial company. (B) Annual accounting or report With respect to each receivership to which the Corporation is appointed, the Corporation shall make an annual accounting or report, as appropriate, available to the Secretary and the Comptroller General of the United States. (C) Availability of reports Any report prepared pursuant to subparagraph (B) and section 5383(c)(3) of this title shall be made available to the public by the Corporation. (D) Recordkeeping requirement (i) In general The Corporation shall prescribe such regulations and establish such retention schedules as are necessary to maintain the documents and records of the Corporation generated in exercising the authorities of this subchapter and the records of a covered financial company for which the Corporation is appointed receiver, with due regard for— (I) the avoidance of duplicative record retention; and (II) the expected evidentiary needs of the Corporation as receiver for a covered financial company and the public regarding the records of covered financial companies. (ii) Retention of records Unless otherwise required by applicable Federal law or court order, the Corporation may not, at any time, destroy any records that are subject to clause (i). (iii) Records defined As used in this subparagraph, the terms “records” and “records of a covered financial company” mean any document, book, paper, map, photograph, microfiche, microfilm, computer or electronically-created record generated or maintained by the covered financial company in the course of and necessary to its transaction of business.


12 USC § 5390(a)(16)

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