single-family mortgage

(3) For purposes of this subsection: (A) The term “contract mortgagee” means a person or entity under a contract with the Secretary that provides for the assignment of a single-family mortgage from the Secretary to the person or entity for the purpose of pursuing foreclosure. (B) the term “mortgage” means a deed of trust, mortgage, deed to secure debt, security agreement, or any other form of instrument under which any interest in property, real, personal, or mixed, or any interest in property, including leaseholds, life estates, reversionary interests, and any other estates under applicable State law, is conveyed in trust, mortgaged, encumbered, pledged, or otherwise rendered subject to a lien, for the purpose of securing the payment of money or the performance of an obligation. (C) The term “Secretary-held single family mortgage” means a single-family mortgage held by the Secretary or by a contract mortgagee at the time of initiation of foreclosure that— (i) was formerly insured by the Secretary under any section of this subchapter; or (ii) was taken by the Secretary as a purchase money mortgage in connection with the sale or other transfer of Secretary-owned property under any section of this subchapter. (D) the term “single-family mortgage” means a mortgage that covers property on which is located a 1-to-4 family residence.


12 USC § 1710(l)(3)

Scoping language

For purposes of this subsection
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