cost of foreclosure

(2) Cost of foreclosure The term “cost of foreclosure” includes— (A) the difference between the outstanding balance due on a loan made by a qualified lender and the liquidation value of the loan, taking into consideration the borrower’s repayment capacity and the liquidation value of the collateral used to secure the loan; (B) the estimated cost of maintaining a loan as a nonperforming asset; (C) the estimated cost of administrative and legal actions necessary to foreclose a loan and dispose of property acquired as the result of the foreclosure, including attorneys’ fees and court costs; (D) the estimated cost of changes in the value of collateral used to secure a loan during the period beginning on the date of the initiation of an action to foreclose or liquidate the loan and ending on the date of the disposition of the collateral; and (E) all other costs incurred as the result of the foreclosure or liquidation of a loan.


12 USC § 2202a(a)(2)

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