Each term, outstanding on the effective date of the amendment to this section abolishing the division of elective directors into classes, of an elective or appointive directorship then existing shall continue until its original date of expiration, and any elective or appointive directorship in existence on said date shall continue to exist to the same extent as if it had been established by or under this section on or after said date. The Director in its discretion may shorten the next succeeding term of any such elective directorship to one year, and may fill such term by appointment. The term “States” or “State” as used in this section shall mean the States of the Union, the District of Columbia, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The Director, by regulation or otherwise, may add an additional elective directorship to the board of directors of the bank of any district in which the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is included at the time such directorship is added and which does not then include five or more States, may fix the commencement and the duration, which shall not exceed two years, of the initial term of any directorship so added, and may fill any such initial term by appointment: Provided, That (1) any directorship added pursuant to the foregoing provisions of this sentence shall be designated by the Director, pursuant to subsection (b) of this section, as representing the members located in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, (2) such designation of such directorship shall not be changed, and (3) such directorship shall automatically cease to exist if and when the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico ceases to be included in such district.


12 USC § 1427(e)

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