acquisition of the property

(2) In addition to the mortgages eligible for assistance under paragraph (1) of this subsection, the Secretary is authorized to make periodic assistance payments on behalf of cooperative members of middle income. Such assistance payments shall be accomplished through interest subsidy payments to the investor with respect to mortgages insured (subsequent to July 24, 1970 ) under section 1715e of this title which are executed by cooperatives, the membership in which is limited to middle-income families. For purposes of this paragraph— (A) the term “mortgagor”, when used in subsection (b) in the case of a mortgage covering a cooperative housing proj­ect, means a member of the cooperative; (B) the term “acquisition of the property”, when used in subsection (b), means the family’s application for a dwelling unit; and (C) in the case of a cooperative mortgagor, subsection (c) shall not apply and the interest subsidy payments shall cease when the mortgage is no longer held by the investor or the cooperative fails to limit membership to families whose incomes at the time of their application for a dwelling unit meets such requirements as are laid down by the Secretary pursuant to subsection (b).


12 USC § 1715z-8(d)(2)

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For purposes of this paragraph
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