For the purposes of this section, (1) the term “property” includes gold, silver, currency, credits, deposits, securities, choses in action, and any other form of property, the proceeds thereof, and any right, title, or interest therein; (2) the term “foreign state” includes any foreign government or any department, district, province, county, possession, or other similar governmental organization or subdivision of a foreign government, and any agency or instrumentality of any such foreign government or of any such organization or subdivision; (3) the term “central bank” includes any foreign bank or banker authorized to perform any one or more of the functions of a central bank; (4) the term “person” includes any individual, or any corporation, partnership, association, or other similar organization; and (5) the term “insured bank” shall have the meaning given to it in section 12B of this Act.


12 USC § 632

Scoping language

For the purposes of this section
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