(8) the sale or lease of a lot in a subdivision containing fewer than three hundred lots if— (A) the principal residence of the purchaser or lessee is within the same standard metropolitan statistical area, as defined by the Office of Management and Budget, as the lot purchased or leased; (B) the lot is free and clear of liens (such as mortgages, deeds of trust, tax liens, mechanics liens, or judgments) at the time of the signing of the contract or agreement and until a deed is delivered to the purchaser or the lease expires. As used in this subparagraph, the term “liens” does not include (i) United States land patents and similar Federal grants or reservations, (ii) property reservations which land developers commonly convey or dedicate to local bodies or public utilities for the purpose of bringing public services to the land being developed, (iii) taxes and assessments imposed by a State, by any other public body having authority to assess and tax property, or by a property owners’ association, which, under applicable State or local law, constitute liens on the property before they are due and payable or beneficial property restrictions which would be enforceable by other lot owners or lessees in the subdivision, or (iv) other interests described in regulations prescribed by the Director; (C) the purchaser or lessee (or spouse thereof) has made a personal on-the-lot inspection of the lot to be purchased or leased; (D) each purchase or lease agreement contains (i) a clear and specific statement describing a good faith estimate of the year of completion of and the party responsible for providing and maintaining the roads, water facilities, sewer facilities and any existing or promised amenities; and (ii) a nonwaivable provision specifying that the contract or agreement may be revoked at the option of the purchaser or lessee until midnight of the seventh day following the signing of such contract or agreement or until such later time as may be required pursuant to applicable State laws; (E) the purchaser or lessee has, prior to the time the contract or lease is entered into, acknowledged in writing receipt of a written statement by the developer setting forth (i) in descriptive and concise terms all liens, reservations, taxes, assessments, beneficial property restrictions which would be enforceable by other lot owners or lessees in the subdivision, and adverse claims which are applicable to the lot to be purchased or leased, and (ii) good faith estimates of the cost of providing electric, water, sewer, gas, and telephone service to such lot; (F) the developer executes and supplies to the purchaser a written instrument designating a person within the State of residence of the purchaser as his agent for service of process and acknowledging that the developer submits to the legal jurisdiction of the State in which the purchaser or lessee resides; and (G) the developer executes a written affirmation to the effect that he has complied with the provisions of this paragraph, such affirmation to be given on a form provided by the Director, which shall include the following: the name and address of the developer; the name and address of the purchaser or lessee; a legal description of the lot; an affirmation that the provisions of this paragraph have been complied with; a statement that the developer submits to the jurisdiction of this title with regard to the sale or lease; and the signature of the developer; or


15 USC § 1702(b)(8)

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