recompete plan

(6) Recompete plan The term “recompete plan” means a comprehensive multiyear economic development plan that— (A) includes— (i) proposed programs and activities to be carried out with a grant awarded under subsection (c) to address the economic challenges of the eligible area in a comprehensive manner that promotes long-term, sustained economic growth, lasting job creation, per capita wage increases, and reduction in the prime-age employment gap of the eligible area; (ii) projected costs and annual expenditures and proposed disbursement schedule; (iii) the roles and responsibilities of specified entities that may receive grant funds awarded under subsection (c); and (iv) other information as the Secretary determines appropriate; (B) is submitted to the Secretary for approval for an eligible recipient to be considered for a grant described in subsection (c); and (C) may be modified over the term of the grant by the eligible recipient, subject to the approval of the Secretary or at the direction of the Secretary, if the Secretary determines benchmarking requirements are repeatedly not met or if other circumstances necessitate a modification.


15 USC § 3722b(j)(6)

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