record of conformance

(13) “record of conformance” means a record or records for each lot of fasteners sold or offered for sale that contains— (A) the name and address of the manufacturer; (B) a description of the type of fastener; (C) the lot number; (D) the nominal dimensions of the fastener (including diameter and length of bolts or screws), thread form, and class of fit; (E) the consensus standard or specifications to which the lot of fasteners has been manufactured, including the date, number, revision, and other information sufficient to identify the particular consensus standard or specifications being referenced; (F) the chemistry and grade of material; (G) the coating material and characteristics and the applicable consensus standard or specifications for such coating; and (H) the results or a summary of results of any tests performed for the purpose of verifying that a lot of fasteners conforms to its grade identification marking or to the grade identification marking the lot of fasteners is represented to meet;


15 USC § 5402(13)

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