(33) “Reorganization” means (A) a reorganization under the supervision of a court of competent jurisdiction; (B) a merger or consolidation; (C) a sale of 75 per centum or more in value of the assets of a company; (D) a restatement of the capital of a company, or an exchange of securities issued by a company for any of its own outstanding securities; (E) a voluntary dissolution or liquidation of a company; (F) a recapitalization or other procedure or transaction which has for its purpose the alteration, modification, or elimination of any of the rights, preferences, or privileges of any class of securities issued by a company, as provided in its charter or other instrument creating or defining such rights, preferences, and privileges; (G) an exchange of securities issued by a company for outstanding securities issued by another company or companies, preliminary to and for the purpose of effecting or consummating any of the foregoing; or (H) any exchange of securities by a company which is not an investment company for securities issued by a registered investment company.


15 USC § 80a-2(a)(33)

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