industry category

(2) Industry category defined (A) In general In this subsection, the term “industry category” means a discrete group of similar goods and services, as determined by the Administrator in accordance with the North American Industry Classification System codes used to establish small business size standards, except that the Administrator shall limit an industry category to a greater extent than provided under the North American Industry Classification System codes if the Administrator receives evidence indicating that further segmentation of the industry category is warranted— (i) due to special capital equipment needs; (ii) due to special labor requirements; (iii) due to special geographic requirements, except as provided in subparagraph (B); (iv) due to unique Federal buying patterns or requirements; or (v) to recognize a new industry. (B) Exception for geographic requirements The Administrator may not further segment an industry category based on geographic requirements unless— (i) the Government typically designates the geographic area where work for contracts for goods or services is to be performed; (ii) Government purchases comprise the major portion of the entire domestic market for such goods or services; and (iii) it is unreasonable to expect competition from business concerns located outside of the general geographic area due to the fixed location of facilities, high mobilization costs, or similar economic factors.


15 USC § 644(a)(2)

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