hardwood plywood

(3) Hardwood plywood (A) In general The term “hardwood plywood” means a hardwood or decorative panel that is— (i) intended for interior use; and (ii) composed of (as determined under the standard numbered ANSI/HPVA HP–1–2009) an assembly of layers or plies of veneer, joined by an adhesive with— (I) lumber core; (II) particleboard core; (III) medium-density fiberboard core; (IV) hardboard core; or (V) any other special core or special back material. (B) Exclusions The term “hardwood plywood” does not include— (i) military-specified plywood; (ii) curved plywood; or (iii) any other product specified in— (I) the standard entitled “Voluntary Product Standard—Structural Plywood” and numbered PS 1–07; or (II) the standard entitled “Voluntary Product Standard—Performance Standard for Wood-Based Structural-Use Panels” and numbered PS 2–04. (C) Laminated products (i) Rulemaking (I) In general The Administrator shall conduct a rulemaking process pursuant to subsection (d) that uses all available and relevant information from State authorities, industry, and other available sources of such information, and analyzes that information to determine, at the discretion of the Administrator, whether the definition of the term “hardwood plywood” should exempt engineered veneer or any laminated product. (II) Modification The Administrator may modify any aspect of the definition contained in clause (ii) before including that definition in the regulations promulgated pursuant to subclause (I). (ii) Laminated product The term “laminated product” means a product— (I) in which a wood veneer is affixed to— (aa) a particleboard platform; (bb) a medium-density fiberboard platform; or (cc) a veneer-core platform; and (II) that is— (aa) a component part; (bb) used in the construction or assembly of a finished good; and (cc) produced by the manufacturer or fabricator of the finished good in which the product is incorporated.


15 USC § 2697(a)(3)

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