prioritized payments

In order to encourage small business investment companies to provide equity capital to small businesses, the Administration is authorized to guarantee the payment of the redemption price and prioritized payments on participating securities issued by such companies which are licensed pursuant to section 681(c) of this title , and a trust or a pool acting on behalf of the Administration is authorized to purchase such securities. Such guarantees and purchases shall be made on such terms and conditions as the Administration shall establish by regulation. For purposes of this section, (A) the term “participating securities” includes preferred stock, a preferred limited partnership interest or a similar instrument, including debentures under the terms of which interest is payable only to the extent of earnings and (B) the term “prioritized payments” includes dividends on stock, interest on qualifying debentures, or priority returns on preferred limited partnership interests which are paid only to the extent of earnings. Participating securities guaranteed under this subsection shall be subject to the following restrictions and limitations, in addition to such other restrictions and limitations as the Administration may determine:


15 USC § 683(g)

Scoping language

For purposes of this section
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