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(4) Exception for national security investigations (A) In general In the case of an agency or department of the United States Government which seeks to obtain and use a consumer report for employment purposes, paragraph (3) shall not apply to any adverse action by such agency or department which is based in part on such consumer report, if the head of such agency or department makes a written finding that— (i) the consumer report is relevant to a national security investigation of such agency or department; (ii) the investigation is within the jurisdiction of such agency or department; (iii) there is reason to believe that compliance with paragraph (3) will— (I) endanger the life or physical safety of any person; (II) result in flight from prosecution; (III) result in the destruction of, or tampering with, evidence relevant to the investigation; (IV) result in the intimidation of a potential witness relevant to the investigation; (V) result in the compromise of classified information; or (VI) otherwise seriously jeopardize or unduly delay the investigation or another official proceeding. (B) Notification of consumer upon conclusion of investigation Upon the conclusion of a national security investigation described in subparagraph (A), or upon the determination that the exception under subparagraph (A) is no longer required for the reasons set forth in such subparagraph, the official exercising the authority in such subparagraph shall provide to the consumer who is the subject of the consumer report with regard to which such finding was made— (i) a copy of such consumer report with any classified information redacted as necessary; (ii) notice of any adverse action which is based, in part, on the consumer report; and (iii) the identification with reasonable specificity of the nature of the investigation for which the consumer report was sought. (C) Delegation by head of agency or department For purposes of subparagraphs (A) and (B), the head of any agency or department of the United States Government may delegate his or her authorities under this paragraph to an official of such agency or department who has personnel security responsibilities and is a member of the Senior Executive Service or equivalent civilian or military rank. (D) Definitions For purposes of this paragraph, the following definitions shall apply: (i) Classified information The term “classified information” means information that is protected from unauthorized disclosure under Executive Order No. 12958 or successor orders. (ii) National security investigation The term “national security investigation” means any official inquiry by an agency or department of the United States Government to determine the eligibility of a consumer to receive access or continued access to classified information or to determine whether classified information has been lost or compromised.


15 USC § 1681b(b)(4)

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