third party seller

(6) Third party seller (A) In general The term “third party seller” means any seller, independent of an online marketplace, who sells, offers to sell, or contracts to sell a consumer product in the United States through such online marketplace’s platform. (B) Exclusions The term “third party seller” does not include, with respect to an online marketplace— (i) a seller who operates the online marketplace’s platform; or (ii) a business entity that has— (I) made available to the general public the entity’s name, business address, and working contact information; (II) an ongoing contractual relationship with the online marketplace to provide the online marketplace with the manufacture, distribution, wholesaling, or fulfillment of shipments of consumer products; and (III) provided to the online marketplace identifying information, as described in subsection (a), that has been verified in accordance with that subsection.


15 USC § 45f(f)(6)

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