It shall be unlawful for any registered face-amount certificate company to issue or sell any face-amount certificate, or to collect or accept any payment on any such certificate issued by such company on or after the effective date of this subchapter, (1) unless such face-amount certificate contains a provision or provisions to the effect that the holder shall have an optional right to receive a paid-up certificate in lieu of the then attained cash surrender value provided therein and in the amount of such value plus accumulations thereon at a rate to be specified in the paid-up certificate equal to that used in computing the reserve on the original certificate under subparagraph (A) or (B) of paragraph (2) of subsection (a) of this section, such paid-up certificate to become due and payable at the end of a period equal to the balance of the term of such original certificate before maturity; and during the period prior to maturity such paid-up certificate shall have a cash value upon surrender thereof equal to the then amount of the reserve therefor; and (2) unless such face-amount certificate contains a further provision or provisions to the effect that if the holder be in continuous default in his payments on such certificate for a period of six months without having exercised his option to receive a paid-up certificate, as herein provided, the company at the expiration of such six months shall pay the surrender value in cash if such value is less than $100 or if such value is $100 or more shall issue such paid-up certificate to such holder and such payment or issuance, plus the payment of all other amounts to which he may be then entitled under the original certificate, shall operate to cancel his original certificate: Provided, That in lieu of the issuance of a new paid-up certificate the original certificate may be converted into a paid-up certificate with the same effect; and (3) unless, where such certificate provides, in the event of default, for the deferment of payments thereon by the holder or of the due dates of such payments or of the maturity date of the certificate, it shall also provide in effect for the right of reinstatement by the holder of the certificate after default and for an option in the holder, at the time of reinstatement, to make up the payment or payments for the default period next preceding such reinstatement with interest thereon not exceeding 6 per centum per annum, with the same effect as if no such default in making such payments had occurred. The term “default” as used in this subsection shall, without restricting its usual meaning, include a failure to make a payment or payments as and when provided by the certificate.


15 USC § 80a-28(f)

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