Indian country

(i)has the same meaning as the term “Indian country” in, except that such term does not include— (I)any lands that are located within a State in which a tribe did not exercise governmental jurisdiction on, unless that tribe is recognized after, by either an Act of Congress or pursuant to regulations of the Secretary of the Interior for the administrative recognition that an Indian group exists as an Indian tribe (); and (II)lands taken into trust or acquired by an Indian tribe after, if such lands are not located within the external boundaries of an Indian reservation or former reservation or are not contiguous to the lands held in trust or restricted status on; and (ii)in the State of Oklahoma, means lands that— (I)are within the jurisdictional areas of an Oklahoma Indian tribe (as determined by the Secretary of the Interior); and (II)are recognized by the Secretary of the Interior as eligible for trust land status under(as in effect on).


15 USC § 632(p)(6)(C)(i)

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