qualified mortgage

(E)The Bureau may, by regulation, provide that the term “qualified mortgage” includes a balloon loan— (i)that meets all of the criteria for a qualified mortgage under subparagraph (A) (except clauses (i)(II), (ii), (iv), and (v) of such subparagraph); (ii)for which the creditor makes a determination that the consumer is able to make all scheduled payments, except the balloon payment, out of income or assets other than the collateral; (iii)for which the underwriting is based on a payment schedule that fully amortizes the loan over a period of not more than 30 years and takes into account all applicable taxes, insurance, and assessments; and (iv)that is extended by a creditor that— (I)operates in rural or underserved areas; (II)together with all affiliates, has total annual residential mortgage loan originations that do not exceed a limit set by the Bureau; (III)retains the balloon loans in portfolio; and (IV)meets any asset size threshold and any other criteria as the Bureau may establish, consistent with the purposes of this part. (F) (i)In this subparagraph—


15 USC § 1639c(b)(2)(E)

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