fishing community

(1) Definitions In this subsection: (A) Committee The term “Committee” means the American Fisheries Advisory Committee established under paragraph (2). (B) Fishing community The term “fishing community” means harvesters, marketers, growers, processors, recreational fishermen, charter fishermen, and persons providing them with goods and services. (C) Marketing and promotion The term “marketing and promotion” means an activity aimed at encouraging the consumption of seafood or expanding or maintaining commercial markets for seafood. (D) Processor The term “processor” means any person in the business of preparing or packaging seafood (including seafood of the processor’s own harvesting) for sale. (E) Seafood The term “seafood” means farm-raised and wild-caught fish, shellfish, or marine algae harvested in the United States or by a United States flagged vessel for human consumption.


15 USC § 713c-3(e)(1)

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